2016 Florida State Constitutional Amendments

To Be Updated In 2016

2014 Florida State Constitutional Amendments


United Christians of Florida - Political Action Committee

Recommends a    "NO"   Vote

on ALL 2014 Florida State Constitutional Amendments



Amendment #1      Vote NO

Water and Land Conservation

This is a government land-grab and bureaucratic (union) jobs initiative.  This amendment mandates that certain collected fees be dedicated to purchase and management even more state owned lands.  Instead of allowing the legislature to use these fees to lower other taxes or at their discretion these funds estimated at $648 MILLION to $1.268 BILLION each fiscal year MUST buy land and provide more government jobs to maintain that land (often off-limits to the general public). Vote NO

Amendment #2      Vote NO

Use of Marijuana

Under the guise of “medical use” this initiative creates loopholes that will eventually make marijuana sale and use equal to the access of alcohol in Florida communities.  Just follow the money and you see that personal injury attorneys are supporting and funding this as a way to increase lawsuits against those driving or working while “impaired” and causing injury to innocent victims.  Vote NO


Amendment #3      Vote NO
Appointment of Certain Judicial Vacancies

This is a politically charged initiative gives more power to an outgoing Governor to make judicial appointments at the expense of an incoming Governor. However, while this language is intended to clarify the Constitution, it is certainly not clearly written. Vote NO















2012 Florida State Constitutional Amendments


United Christians of Florida - Political Action Committe    Confidently recommends a "YES" vote on ALL these amendments, based on the recommendations of an overwhelming majority of those we turn to for counsel and trust for spiritual and professional advice.


The following information is provided courtesy of our volunteer Mava Lowe and the resources located as researched by The FSU Collins Center.  Please find their explanation of the 12 amendments that will be on our ballots and has explained what it means to vote no and what it means to vote yes.  This should help before voting. 



The following information may or may not have included -some- of the basis for the recommendations of United Christians Of Florida and was certainly only after other input and opinion was provided. 


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